Looking for the solution

The unselfish resolution

To the unbalanced equations,

Tug of war of emotions

Lost to sensation

Just dreaming in exasperation

Your visual contusions

And Fantasy contributions

Life style revolutions

My art of confusion

Your taste of illusion

Daddy’s Girl

Fathers and their daughters… wot a unique bond it is.

I’m a real daddy’s girl.
My father is my world, my life, my everything!
I’m spoilt rotten in terms of attention. I’m the eldest but I’m everyone’s favourite:P My dad is one of the most inspiring, sociable, amazingly nice people you’ll meet. And I’m not just saying that coz he’s my dad 🙂 *grin*

Here’s just a lil bit of poetry he’s been sms’ing me. Tiny lil presents I find on my mobile when I wake in the morning:)

Aawwwwww isn’t he nice? 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How beautiful, unique and mystifying you are…!

Still in awe of my blessing – YOU!

Today Humbled I stand praising Allah for his creation, MY HASINA, once again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over the rivers and mountains,

like a distant drum echoes the beat of my heart,

saying… nay, my Hasina, tis not, just the heavenly echo of yours!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Around many isles have i sailed, n many fair maidens seen.

But none so brazenly invaded my island or rocked my boat or anchored in my heart as did U,

My Hasina – honor of you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My sweet HASINA,
I’m rewarded with da best by having U for a daughter.
I seem wonderful only because i am reflecting your goodness,
beauty n love like a mirror.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~