Caeca invidia estEnvy is blind.


Daddy’s Girl

Fathers and their daughters… wot a unique bond it is.

I’m a real daddy’s girl.
My father is my world, my life, my everything!
I’m spoilt rotten in terms of attention. I’m the eldest but I’m everyone’s favourite:P My dad is one of the most inspiring, sociable, amazingly nice people you’ll meet. And I’m not just saying that coz he’s my dad 🙂 *grin*

Here’s just a lil bit of poetry he’s been sms’ing me. Tiny lil presents I find on my mobile when I wake in the morning:)

Aawwwwww isn’t he nice? 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How beautiful, unique and mystifying you are…!

Still in awe of my blessing – YOU!

Today Humbled I stand praising Allah for his creation, MY HASINA, once again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over the rivers and mountains,

like a distant drum echoes the beat of my heart,

saying… nay, my Hasina, tis not, just the heavenly echo of yours!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Around many isles have i sailed, n many fair maidens seen.

But none so brazenly invaded my island or rocked my boat or anchored in my heart as did U,

My Hasina – honor of you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My sweet HASINA,
I’m rewarded with da best by having U for a daughter.
I seem wonderful only because i am reflecting your goodness,
beauty n love like a mirror.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~