You mush let me go

I stopped wanting to be with you again
Wanting your gentle hands on my delicate form
Dragging out the pleasures from their hiding places
Your lips nibbling away at all my self restraint
Your sweet breath mingling with mine
Dizzy intoxication of your kisses
Defining every pause
passion dripping from every pore
Renewing the lustful wantonness of my desire for you
as I relinquish myself to your touch
again and again

I stopped wanting to be with you

Must you tease
and tear down my restraints . . .
when you can never have me
and I’ll never be yours

I stopped . . .

Unleash me from this fiery madness
That burns within us
the passionate bond imprinted on our subconscious
drawing us together

The circle of desire gripping and destroying us both

You MUST let me go…