Conversation: Disappointment

I hope IdeaSmith doesn’t mind me posting this one…
Do pay her a visit! She’s one of the most interesting mind’s that i’ve encountered in blogosphere

Disappointment is the only thing that can really age a person. Cant the cosmetics industry find a way to combat heartache?

well, if people are gonna be superficial morons and love themselves ONLY, then ya… cosmetics can combat heartache:)

Lady: Emotional age, physical age, and mental… are all weathered by different factors. What do u think?

LOL, truly! And well, doesn’t emotional age influence everything else?

The scars on people’s souls are sometimes more obvious than the lines on their foreheads. Disappoingment is an ageing experience.

Disappointment amounts to experience, to feeling … One can’t source pure passionate inspiration until one has felt.