Everyone see’s your visage,
but No one sees your soul. . .
. . . I wish i hadn’t.

Blushingly desirable

“i want to touch you”
“i want to touch you”
“and carry you off to bed again…”
“you can’t deny it…”

my cheeks crimson, intake of breath between parted lips
wondering…can anyone hear him except me…
“Stop running from me…”
i have to go…
Hanging up the phone

the words now in my head…
wordlessly recalling…
being carried up the stairs
and laid down into dreams better than my own

i must wake up now

No Boundaries

You expect me at the simplest state of mortality,
Further shedding boundaries
so our souls are flash against each other?
This time…
Are your hands the safest in the world,
or Will you trade me to save yourself

. . . again