Junior at the beach

Walking, seasand burning his chubby little feet, running ahead to vast ocean of water,
Mom and dad close on his heels, but they’re not fast enough. Bystanders watch in amusement, how can someone so tiny cover as much ground?

Stolen moments

…Then there were moments,
when reality crept in dipping into the delight of post orgasm joy when either one was thinking of the life they had to return to.
Stolen moments always end.


Gumdrops, chocolate, bubblegum, sherbet, candy canes, chocolate nuts, caramel squares… her little eyes scan the candy store.
‘WOW!, I wonder which is the yummiest one?’
Astros, jellybeans, jelly tots, jelly hearts, sugar cubes, explosive rocks, liquid lollipops…
‘Mom, why can I have ONLY ONE?’ she asks in dismay.