Cracked Mirrors

The mirror cracked again, leaving superstitions flight in her mind.
There were days like these when life’s challenges felt like sick joke to test her endurance.
“One two three four, seven… fourteen”, she counts on her fingers.
A sigh escapes her painted red lips marking her defeat out loud.
Seven more years of calamity now tainted her current state of bad luck.
Is it really superstition, or was it fates way of toying with her, yet again.


People annoyed him. He’d grumble and grouse.
People never paid attention to anyone but them selves.
People were a composition of an ailing society.
People annoyed him, so why couldn’t he slap them as a jolt to bring them back to their senses.
Poisoning them would be easier.


its raining joy drops on the world
with dreams and rainbows and fairytale scenes
smiles in snowstorms
…always delightfully
preserved in a snowglobe.