A forgotten life #2

Zafira burst through the front door, smiling gleefully and carrying with her a doll and a backpack laden with schoolbooks.
Her hair was jet black and her pigtails bobbed on either side of her head.
Ayesha paused to dry her tears, unnoticed.
Zafira’s birthday was one of much emotional agony.
Ayesha smiled lovingly, ‘I’ve made you a birthday cake, it’s extra special’
The mangled sobs within her become still, and she allows herself to celebrate two birthdays within the secrecy of her heart… Indeed zafira’s birthday was one of much joy and agony

A forgotten life #1

There is continuation of thought long after one leaves behind the shards of a broken life. A life that didn’t turn out the way one would have expected it to.
Ayesha paused at the mirror, scrutinizing her reflection, wondering where her child was?
“Did he survive his ill health? Was he alive?”
The sound of her husband pulling up the driveway, followed by her childrens’ laugher, crashed through her faraway thoughts. Yes, there is a reminder always, of the life she had left behind with the emotional scars time-stamped on the birthdate of her daughter

Some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies

I read this on Nooj’s Blog:

i increasingly see marriage as a transaction of…convenience.
to have biological kids, to share the rent
there will be smiles, some care
he’ll make fun of how ridiculous u look with ur ski goggles
u’ll say his rice comes out like smash
there will be yay kisses and occasional hugs of thanks
but no dancing on rooftops in ur pj’s, or titanic eyes
there will always be a part kept to you, for you, only you
with God

I loved it!!!

It’s so profound, especially when one realizes that we’ll be happy with most people if we allowed ourselves that.

It reminds me of this post , Flashback encounter with a friend:

On vacation, I was seated with a Friend,

‘What do you want H?’

Not responding, I pause, staring out the window…
‘look at that’ I say to him

And in that moment:
She’s walking, she’s pregnant.He takes her hand, Gazes at her lovingly, and brushes the wisps of her hair that has come loose,while he speaks to her.

‘I want that’, I said

and it also reminds me of this quote:

Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”
-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City

I’ve been pondering over the search for “The one”. Looking around me at couples and cultural norms, it makes me wonder, how many have the type of love that makes them wanna yell from the rooftops? And how many have settled so they won’t die alone?How many have settled so they can have a family, kids, someone to fall asleep with? How many have settled for this because they feel that everything in life has a trade off and you’ll never get what you want at 100% accuracy.

You settle… because… life is a fact and you can’t bribe fate.