Slice of Life: Being a Grown up

Been contemplating the natural order of things,
and how things can often seem so obscure and unnatural.
I used to think life was simpler for grown ups, turns out… it isn’t!

A Million Thoughts: Avoiding Rape

Doesn’t matter how safe you think you are,
If they didn’t rape you the first time,
don’t give them a second chance to attempt it,
coz you think they’ve changed.

People don’t change

It’s Strange

It’s strange … sometimes… when you just know that an association will mix well, like the delight of watching lighting dancing amongs the stars

its strange that we open up our thoughts to others who shut us out

it’s strange how. . . life is sometimes an exchange of power, or reliquishing it.

Its strange that, despite buddy bottles or 2 litre water bottles, it really does amount to the contents.