there is much silence without you

Missing you in the empty living room,
the silence is devoid of your laughter,
and whispers,
and even the punctuation of your expressions…
NOW silent.
And.. you took the day offa work, to listen to my coughs,
to keep my germs company…
and even now i wonder, is it possible to love so much and never ever ever get it right?
Absently i forget that that future is written… as if i have a choice.

The Blue Eye shadow

The Blue Eye shadow has left streaks in your memory…. for 20 years before you met me. should i…. relinquish every shade of blue. Every dusty brushstroke, that has tainted a life you didn’t want. There are items in our past that haunt us all, sounds, taste, smells, thoughts and people, and still some wars never die. I will not haunt the hallways of your home… in my blue eyeshadow. My high cheekbones and chinese eyes and caramel skin, unfortunately, are things i can’t trade.