Touching the static in the air

so we can recall what distance feels like.

The words undo me

I’ve stopped using the words you used to describe me,

my wit

my charm

my curiosity

my talent –

Now a crater of meaninglessness

… like the words ‘I love You’


Staring at the Truth

Its sometimes better to comforted by a lie,

when the truth is staring you in the face

your blood freezes

your breath quickens

your heart pounds in your ears,

and amidst all of this, you wish the world would just steel away the reality of you life crumbling.

There’s never a good time to discover another woman

in the arms of your beloved.


I see

memory of your expressions

on the faces of others,

in their mannerisms,

in the way someone holds a glass,

or smiles at my wit,

I see


in everyone else

that i used to see in you