What do we leave behind

The truth is packaged in many forms, and sometimes our agreement realities differ. We toss out the metaphoric extensions of explanations because we’re being literal, we’re questioning. Sometimes life presents itself like a novel. A novel is not an answer, a novel is a question that doesn’t offer answers. Sometime we’re so deep rooted in our beliefs, that nothing can shake us. And other times we go running from our tired canvasses of reality only to walk Smack BANG back into the things we left behind. Sometimes … some people… leave it all behind. Your beliefs anchor you, even when you don’t have the words to explain it.

Distortion in the Darkness

Sometimes i see your jawline,

the rims of your spectacles

in dark theatres

as movies flicker

or lights catch the people on stage

casting shadows.

I know its never you,

but my heart flutters in memory of you

i blink back the tears

don my own glasses

stare across the crowd of strange faces

to that of stranger

that momentarily

reminded me of you.

Your face so familiar

but that of a strangers