You are the physics in my air

Freedom day





– all in my grasp –


Pants rivets that stick in your leg, from a contorted position are like a needle in the arm of an addict. The momentary discomfort before submerging back into the drug (of online) addiction. Everyone has an escapism… even those who aren’t escaping.

Happy Anniversary

5 years to the day

that fate cursed us

and sealed us with someone elses wedding vows,

Marking the one long lingering legitimate glance

that would crack the rest of our lives.

Happy Anniversary darling,

the world is really too small for both of us to live

our respective happily ever afters.

Mirror mirror

Looking in the mirror, wondering

“when the hell did i become so inscure?”

there are no cracks in the mirror,

only in me…

i’m told that’s how the light gets in.