A bunch of cells?

A random child wanders into my space, with ebony skin and curious eyes. Trusting. Like most children are.

i think ‘you don’t look like a bunch of cells to me’, while i play with his cute pea-sized toes. It’s moments like these… when the regrets creep in.


and someone else’s perfume wafts in

-your scent –

That fills me with the suffocating numbness

I close my eyes and try to rid myself of something that isn’t even here

Life is a Straggler

Life goes on…
we leave behind people, memories,  lost keyrings, stolen dreams,
and broken hearts – Sometimes the wafting perfume, the tearstained goodbyes, friendships that never kept up with our self-revolution.
We leave behind whispers of secret shames…
and somehow… we carry all of these things within our recesses,

as if they’ve never been left behind.

Life is a straggler