Brown Paper Bags

And she laughed… looking around. ‘What are you looking for?’ he asked.
‘I wanted to show you’, she paused to reach over to the table with a smirk. ‘I am the same shade as this brown paper bag!’



life reaches a flatline

and you need to bury it.

And go on.

6 Sentences: Life could use some sweetness

i don’t have enough hate to hate you with. The mere fact that you exist supercedes that, she thought quietly sipping on her earl grey tea.

This could use more sugar… stirring in 2 teaspoons worth. Come to think of it. Life could use some sweetness, instead of a bitter past that constantly resurfaces.  Movies make it seem so simple that even pain has become a cliche.


We often try,

and try

and Tryyyyy

to be strong,

when sometimes

all we need to do is accept


we are humanly fragile.

And we’re all not built the same,

even though

flesh blood bones

are all of us.

the wind

And the wind whipped her hijab into her eyes, there’s never a nice time for your hijab to do a marylin monroe , when you’re walking across the street. pursing her lips tersely, contemplating hijabi problems. And then…. her hijab pin fell of and she unravelled.