Reality has splinters and its a reminder when you carefully choose what your shouldn’t be holding.



Dent of Betrayal

Most people have that dent of betrayal.
It never goes away
You live with it.
You cuddle with it
it sleeps in your head
it takes vacations away from you, and it fades so it doesn’t cripple you.
but it doesn’t go away.

There are things in life

There are things in life that force us to change, to pause, to reflect.
Things that incinerate us leaving craters in our souls.
There are things in life that cause is to adapt, because we are designed to survive . Even when we’re falling apart.
There are many things in life that impact our personalities, our life goals, or even our struggling self that can barely come up for breath.
There are things in life that force us to change. . . but it’s impossible to stop being you.