Don’t break the rules you make for yourself


God watches the internet.


And i really wanted to say: You’re living as though your existence is a rebellion against god.
But i didn’t say that. I politely smiled and said: That shirt looks great on you 🙂

Give yourself time

Sometimes you need to give yourself time,

but sometimes time gives itself to you.

Winter nights stretch out forever

in never ending silence filled with ticking clocks that grow louder until dawn.

Take all the time you need… life is going to do what its supposed to.

Rear view mirror

Finding the kindest voice inside yourself to meter out compassion to yourself, in doses that heal every harsh word over time.

Its strange, somehow, that music, lyrics, songs and sometimes the cold of winter that has the ability to mess up the dopamine that’s keeping you together.

Don’t keep looking at the rear view mirror to places you won’t be returning to.