A bunch of keys sits on the coffee table, bound by a keyring and 2 remote controls.
One is bluish grey and the other bright green.
‘Don’t press the RED button’
She presses it, adamantly.
He smirks, ‘Youve just opened the Garage at home’ he says and points into the distance with a laugh.



“The earings and bangles were put away. Earings signified hope and bangles were happiness of course. Widows don’t wear bangles…”

6 Sentences: Life could use some sweetness

i don’t have enough hate to hate you with. The mere fact that you exist supercedes that, she thought quietly sipping on her earl grey tea.

This could use more sugar… stirring in 2 teaspoons worth. Come to think of it. Life could use some sweetness, instead of a bitter past that constantly resurfaces.  Movies make it seem so simple that even pain has become a cliche.