Count your Blessings

Counting my blessings… I used to count you twice.

Today there was a VOID


How do you let something REST in PEACE?


How do you let something REST in PEACE?
You stop thinking about it.
You stop talking about it.
You bury it.
You forget where you bury it.
And You most certainly don’t dig it up to play with it.

Self Punishment is a choice.


The never ending rollercoaster, just when we think we have it figured out.
The quiet-time, me-time, down-time,
reflection buzz that bears the unwavering reminder that we need to adapt to life, and do our best.
That we need to snap out of it,
get a job,
get a life, pay the bills,
sometimes to fix the bleeding vein that hasnt killed us yet.
There are also the cardinal points of a moral compass that people fail to adhere to…
Yet life will never fail to remind you that you are more resilient than a rubber band.