You’re late

The door creaked open. The 3 of them walked in. Two of them sat down, and the oracle said to her, ‘You’re late’

‘Im… I’m late?’ She stammers uncomprehendingly.
‘Yes’ says the oracle picking up a pile of books from the table. ‘These books are waiting for you for 3 months’



invisible chains that bind

The words are not enough when silence stands like a fortress of dense secrets which keeps reality away from the fiction painted for the world. Carmine colored lips, and clackity shoes, dragged along the seashore along with thoughts of life… new beginnings sometimes look empty and bleak. Recognizable freedom is sometimes as miserable as the invisible emotional chains that bind us.

What is the Geolocation of Home?

Its winter, and the tears seem to be stuck in the corner of my eye, slowly transitioning to room temperature.

You look like a geolocation, i smirk as a msg notification pops up on my screen. So close, but so far.

“We’re not addicted to texting, we’re addicted to the person that we’re texting”

You are like a million surprises. i am trying so hard… to leave, but you’re the gravitational constant that pulls me in, and under the current of life that drowns us, repeatedly.

What is the Geolocation of Home?