Life is full of the things we want to hear,

and the things that are hard to hear,

and even more difficult to bear


Selection process

“You’re choosing the way to live every day for the rest of your life,

every day until you die. I wouldn’t do this”




I love you, in the empty corridors of my mind, filled with ideals and illusions of everything you’re not, and everything you could never be.  I took you and you didn’t match up against the fantasy, but i kept you anyway because you were like the best ray of sunshine in the universe.  There isn’t a word to explain the depth of hurt that courses in me, i have no words. Because there isn’t a scale for pain and hurt.


When you watch that final goodbye you have to accept that feeling you experience of whether or not its final.
If you don’t look, you will miss it.
Sometimes you don’t look, because you’re afraid of meeting reality.