Out of wishes

Decisiveness trumps hope –

Life losing meaning if you’re always waiting on a wish.



Don’t forget what reality looks like.
Even when it hurts to look at it.

6 Sentences: Life could use some sweetness

i don’t have enough hate to hate you with. The mere fact that you exist supercedes that, she thought quietly sipping on her earl grey tea.

This could use more sugar… stirring in 2 teaspoons worth. Come to think of it. Life could use some sweetness, instead of a bitter past that constantly resurfaces.  Movies make it seem so simple that even pain has become a cliche.

Life is a Straggler

Life goes on…
we leave behind people, memories,  lost keyrings, stolen dreams,
and broken hearts – Sometimes the wafting perfume, the tearstained goodbyes, friendships that never kept up with our self-revolution.
We leave behind whispers of secret shames…
and somehow… we carry all of these things within our recesses,

as if they’ve never been left behind.

Life is a straggler