Don’t forget what reality looks like.
Even when it hurts to look at it.



Reality has splinters and its a reminder when you carefully choose what your shouldn’t be holding.




2:46 am,

life is ticking loudly, slipping away,

washing down the bitter pill of reality,

Someday soon

there will be no bitterness

no sedatives

no seeking words

no numbing flaws

no hiding spaces

no messy faces

Along the walls of every reality

visions blur

into opinions

and into nothing more than afew words

that fill up all the spaces.

The Nuptial Bed

The cornerstones of your life are the thorns in mine,
I prick my fingers on them
Like sleeping beauty at a spindle
Slumber is not a refuge from the pending doom,
The nuptial bed frowns wryly under reality
Filling its substance into shattered dreams